Do I have enough attic intake ventilation

Posted May 3, 2007 by rightwayroofing
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 ShingleVent II install


You mentioned proper balance of venting. I am building my 2-story house which has 1342 sq ft on the second floor. Since I am putting ShingleVent II at the ridges and have drilled holes in the blocking at the eaves my calcs say I need 4.47 sq ft of venting (1/300). I have 5 sq ft at the ridges but only 3.27 at the eaves. Is this a problem since I have 8.27 sq. ft. total?




Most Commonly Misunderstood Or Under-Appreciated Concepts About Residential Roofing

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My name is Ed.  Say, HI ED!!!

Okay, we have introduced ourselves, so the intent and purpose of this newly created roofing blog will be to bring up the most common questions I come across and have read on various Contactor discussion forums I participate in. 

You may post and ask your questions directly here, or you may decide to additionally do some internet research.  Once you post your question, I will do my best to reply in a prompt and attentative manner to all respectfully made queries.  All of my advise is my own opinion, but based on many years of continuing education  about all things roofing related, for the past 29 years.

If you would like to see a sample of my posting demeanor and depth that I plunge into for the correctness of any particular answers, you may check out my User Name, Ed The Roofer, where I Post and Moderate at and its sister site and at where professional contractors try to assist each other and the curious home owner on how to best find solutions to a particular problem.  Also, although I am not a home inspector, I have been requested to articulate on roofing and ventilation related problems and solutions on the site that is strictly for the National Association for Certified Home Inspectors, and I graciously and enthusiastically have been assisting the Home Inspectors with their specific Roofing and Ventilation Questions.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Hello world!

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