But All Of The Other Guys Said!!!!!

Lets see if any of this is interesting or bores the heck out of you. The remainder of the document provides links, URL’s, and short poignant excerpts from each of the pertinent sources.

I will supply you with the first link, as if all of them were included, this would be too large to post. For your information, click on the one link provided for a very thorough article on “How To Choose A Reputable Roofing Contractor and What To Do Once You Find One.”

For anyone who knows me, you know I have a fuller and longer more detailed version done too. Egads! I just don’t know when to stop sometimes.


P.S. I want comments and any editing provided if you feel you have something worthwhile to add or delete.

But All Of The Other

Guys Said!!!!!

I hear this more often than you would believe. You know what the most frustrating thing about that phrase is?

In practically every single instance, the “Other Guys” either did not really know what they were talking about, or even worse, they knew the right thing to recommend, but took the “Low Road” and did not advise you, the Home Owner about the implications of not doing your roofing project precisely as the manufacturer specified.

You might think to yourselves; The “Other Guy” seemed like he knew what he was talking about though. Ed, what makes your opinion any better or more valid than his? Aren’t you both just out here to try to sell me a roof and make as much profit on the job as possible?

Here is what I say to that; There obviously is some truth to the fact that a reputable company serving this area for over 23 Years under the same name and ownership needs to remain profitable to remain in existence. Yes, I spend a great deal of time with every single Home Owner I make a detailed presentation to, so; Yes, I would like you to understand the value in a quality, properly done roofing system as compared to over 90 % of all roofs done, which do not even meet the “Minimum” standards and specifications.

Before I begin to ramble on endlessly, and bore you with any self promotion, you may feel concerned enough to read through the following short portions of just a few of the research links I have provided, so you could receive a totally unbiased, neutral and objective opinion on some of the subjects that seem to be in conflict from one contractor to another.

If your investment in the future of your home is important enough to you, please feel free to inquire with as much vigor and depth as possible to arrive at the safest conclusion.

The following resources are all referenced as to author and web-site URL links for further analysis if you so desire. If you would prefer this document to be e-mailed to your attention, so you do not have to type in and search for the web sites, please request an e-mail version and I will gladly comply.

When you get done reading through the information; Please ask yourself the following question:

Who was the one who really gave me all of the correct advice, details and specifications to ensure my new roof and theoretical warranty plus my homes interior were not being placed in jeopardy?

Was it Ed, from

Right Way Roofing Company?

Or, was it “the Other Guy”?

I hope you appreciate the following information. Happy Reading!



This is one of the best articles I have ever read about roofing specs being followed and “How to choose a good roofer”.

But over the years I have learned to spot good roofers by asking a few questions and identifying a number of indicators that seem to reveal what they really know about their trade and what kind of job they are likely to do. What I am looking for are those rare individuals who take pride in their work. They keep up with advances in materials and techniques. They make it a point to take questions to manufacturer’s technical representatives. They’re responsive to the concerns of their customers. And they are glad to take as much time necessary to explain things clearly.
Roofing isn’t rocket science. But the average homeowner is not really familiar with the ins and outs of roofing so they have little choice but to depend on whomever they choose to do the work. This is a trust professionals take seriously. It is not enough that they are concerned and personable – they must also have sufficient resources of experience and knowledge to insure that their professional obligation is discharged to the homeowner’s advantage. That’s why professionals are easy to spot. If you feel educated, as well as comfortable after your visit with a roofer, and the other criteria outlined below are satisfied, then you are as assured as possible that your job will meet your expectations.

another excerpt: From GAF

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 homes in North America do not have proper attic ventilation.

another: From Alcoa
Experts say inadequate intake ventilation causes 95% of all ventilation problems and will typically void the shingle warranty.

Calculating how much venting your attic needs is relatively simple.
All you need to know is the area of the attic floor. Include the garage, if you have one and the soffit overhang because heat gets trapped above them, too.

To properly ventilate an attic, two types of vents are needed. Intake vents, which are located at the down slope edge of the roof (a.k.a. eaves) and allow fresh air into the attic; and exhaust vents, which are located near or on the ridge line of the roof and allow air to leave the attic.


Deck movement and deterioration are commonly the results of poor ventilation. In the summer, too much heat buildup due to a poorly ventilated “flat ceiling” attic can cause the shingles to deteriorate prematurely. In the winter, deck-related problems are often due to condensation forming on the deck underside, which is also a result of poor ventilation. It is important to understand that shingles failing before their time due to inadequate ventilation will not be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty.

While manufacturers warranties will vary in terms of what is and is not covered and for how long, most offer reasonable value and protection for the end user. However, it is important to realize that should the product be installed improperly, even the best warranties on the highest quality materials may be rendered void and useless. The manufacturer has a right to expect that their product is aligned, lapped and fastened to meet their minimum requirements, otherwise their product will not perform as designed and the warranty will become invalid.

Roofing is number 1 Construction Defect.
Construction Defect Problem Areas: Cause & Effect.

Taking a forensic view, or a backward pass, through a statistically significant sampling of Construction Defects (CDs) in order to determine the root cause & effect, we have categorized the most prevalent CD’s into a Top 10 List as follows:

  1. Roofing
  2. Sheet Metal Flashings

I hope that I have not gone overboard with the information supplied. I am passionate about providing the absolute best roofing materials and the best service as possible. Therefore, even though this may seem mundane and obsessive over-kill to you right now, you can at least get a better sense of how I feel about doing your roof on your home, the Right Way. When your home is taken care of with such passion, you will be proud and glad you chose to do things the Right Way after all.


Ed (Aka, Ed the Roofer)

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